Health and Fitness Industry

We work with 6 different franchise concepts that could help you own a successful health and fitness business. We have direct access to help you understand what territories are open and how to qualify for these great business models.

1. Group Cardio: What better way to stay motivated and fit then to be in a group of like minded people that are each pushing themselves to be better. There are several group fitness concepts in the marketplace these include rowing (like spinning class but way cooler), pilates, obstacle courses for children, school fun run fundraisers, boxing and fitness bootcamps.

2. One on One Training: The personal training industry continues to be a big part of the fitness business. Even as diets and training fads come and go – personal training seems to be here to stay. There are several way to own a personal training franchise to include: children swim classes, in gym personal training, mobile trainers that come to the clients home and even bring the equipment, and trainers that specialize in helping seniors.

3. Urgent Care and Labs: Long waits at ER rooms plus less satisfaction and access to primary care physicians make urgent care a preferred choice for many. Most urgent care franchise owners are successful business people, and not physicians. Testing Lab franchises offer a diverse portfolio of testing services to both the business, judicial and consumer markets. These services include on site and off site lab work for a large variety of testing. These both can be scaled up over time to become a large business entity.

4. Gyms Large and Boutique: These include gyms that specialize in small personal spaces with one on one training, traditional gyms, and gyms that include child care pools and basketball courts. Franchised gyms concepts can offer a great steady stream of revenue.

5. Retail and Nutrition: Retail stores can also be a healthy way to grow a business. I work with a great retailer of ergonomic and back care products providing solutions for the prevention and relief of back pain. Offering lifestyle solutions for Office, Sleep, Massage, Travel, Health and Fitness. I also work with an emerging brand that offers a mobile smoothie and coffee food truck that can be complemented with a full retail nutrition store.

6. Therapy: Preventative therapy and post injury therapy services are in high demand. These types of franchises include therapy services for injury and accident recovery to general everyday health maintenance. I also work with a great turn kep model for Float therapy.
Floating in super saturated salt water for health and wellness has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the discovery of the Dead Sea. This progressive concept brings the practice of floating to the mainstream by providing a well-appointed facility with industry leading equipment.


Health and Fitness