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About Us

Helping You Get the Maximum Value From Your Franchise Business

The lifecycle of business ownership can end in one of three ways for you. You can hand over the reins to an heir/benefactor, close down the business, or sell to a new owner.

For most, selling is the most attractive or practical exit route. It can be a delicate process though – you need to get your company in front of potential buyers without alerting customers, competitors, or employees that you are looking to sell.

That is where The Franchise Shop excels. We will take your business to market with absolute discretion, ensuring you achieve the maximum possible value, limit any interruptions or operations, and experience little personal hassle or business impacts.

Why Choose The Franchise Shop

Based in the Southeast United States, The Franchise Shop operates across most states. Our services are holistic – we will work with you on every element of selling your business, including conducting a full valuation, building a detailed marketing package, engaging with potential buyers, negotiating, and closing the deal.

We have been in the business brokerage business since 2008, the same year that we were welcomed into the International Business Broker Association (IBBA). Throughout our years of experience, The Franchise Shop leadership team has personally started, sold, bought, and franchised several businesses – giving us a unique insight into the motivations and drivers of each party involved in a business sale.

Alongside that experience, we have dedicated ourselves to continuing professional development. Many of us are certified business coaches, as well as leaders in operations and M&A activity.

Above all, we know the franchise world. We understand the complexities of the franchise model and the relationship between franchisee and franchisor, and we can help you to navigate your business sale with skill and discretion.


On average across all industries in all states, it takes 8 months from the time the business is listed for sale to be under contract.  

Starting a business with zero customers requires a lot of work. Often buyers are looking to speed up the process by buying a business that is already cash flowing. Some buyers are very specific about the territory they want to buy. This makes a franchise resale the only option in some markets.  

This varies depending on the brand. It is not uncommon for a franchise agreement to state that upon the sale of an existing franchise that the seller will owe a “Transfer Fee”. We prefer to make this fee clear in our marketing and allow the Buyer to pay for this at closing.

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